Concept art #1: Bitter Hatred

Written by Sándor Moldán, Creative Lead.

One of the regular features we have planned for the new blog is to share a new piece of concept art from the game every week. We have a bit of a back catalogue to get us going, so we hopefully won't run out of things to show too soon!

We also wanted to use these as an opportunity to talk a bit about the game, the thinking behind it and some of our design decisions.

So without further ado... Concept Art of the Week for week #1 is entitled "Bitter Hatred" and is the hero artwork that currently features on the coming soon page of our website at

Concept Art

Art Director: Sándor Moldán

Concept artist: Tugsbayar Jamts

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This stunning piece was created as a promotional artwork for the game by Tugsuu, who hails from Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. Tugsuu's work has been instrumental in really nailing the style for the two leading, protagonist races – both of which will be playable in the first release of the game.

Two sides of the same coin, the Lánaraï (left) and Kheïtanni (right) are both descended from an ancient civilisation that once ruled among the stars. The bloody rise of Rhïarrh, known also as the Tyrant-God, sparked a civil war that tore this mighty race apart and cast the remnants of both sides down upon a lifeless planet where they still vie endlessly for each other's demise.

Though the galaxy-conquering technology they once possessed has been long forgotten and lost to the ravages of time, the Lánaraï still cling to their former glory. Stoic in the face of inevitable decline, their image has remained almost unchanged since the war. While they have not for one moment wavered in their mission to put the last of the dissidant rebels to the sword, their true goal lies forever skyward, back to the distant stars that were once their home.

The fall left the wings of the Kheïtanni burned, broken and useless – their shattered wing bones now used as a ghastly trophy rack to display their martial prowess. While they lack their former kin's ability to take to to the air upon powerful wings, they make up for their defect in other, more sinister ways. In stark contrast, the Kheïtanni have no grand illusions and have dedicated themselves solely to exacting a grim vengeance for the betrayal that cost them everything.

This artwork perfectly captures the contrasting factions and the uncompromising brutality and grittiness of the game. There are certainly no pure white, downy feathers or shining, untarnished silver armour here. Only blood, dirt, steel and a bitter, and utterly unquenchable hatred.

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