A little sugar helps the poison down

Written by CJ Hurtt, Writer/Content Planner.

Starfall Chasm

First and foremost, the story of Dawn of the Tyrant is meant to be bleak and terrifying. This is a setting where everything has already gone to hell and death is never far away. In fact, in our game, the world is on the verge of ending and may very well do so. We want the player, you, to feel the enormous weight of that. Always. Those of you with a more sunny disposition might be wondering “if this world is so gloomy all the time, why bother at all?” and that is the key to the whole game.

One of the balancing acts that we’ve had to play when designing this world was giving the player a reason to want to fight on. Well, not just giving them a reason. We want to create an environment where the player will create their own.

The story of the game has the player locked in a desperate fight. The Kheïtanni and Lánaraï each have their goals in this bloody war. The hope of seeing that goal achieved has become the whole reason for existence for these two factions. Their worlds are reduced to destruction of their enemy or the escape from the desolate wasteland of Vónekh VII.

Your character will be called to fight for honor and glory and the joys of bringing a terrible end to your foes. But, what about you the player? You might feel a building blood rage and desire for triumph from some in-game equivalent of the Saint Crispen’s Day speech now and again, but maybe you should have more at stake.

You will.

Don’t get me wrong. The game is bleak. There’s a lot of death and nightmare fuel in there. There’s also something else because despair in a story doesn’t mean a damned thing without a bit of hope mixed in.

I know this is a bit of a tease, but we have a way to give you, the player, a greater sense of involvement with the world you’re fighting in and against.

Next week we'll be announcing the first of a number of unique features that will show you exactly what I mean. Your journey in this battered and possibly dying world will have real meaning. There’s a glimmer of something deep in the darkness and you can be a part of it.

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