The deathlike silence of production...

Written by Sándor Moldán, Creative Lead.

Ummm... Where did we go? Why has the blog gone so quiet all of a sudden?

Well, this is the culprit:

I went to the inaugural PAX Australia in Melbourne last year and was really impressed by the indie offering, and the support that Mike and Jerry – not to mention the many others behind the event – have for indie games is pretty damn awesome.

But it left me feeling a bit stupid for not being there. I think we have a promising and interesting game on our hands and despite the slow, leviathan-like crawl that the production of a game like this entials, especially by an indie crew – we would truly love to start sharing it more with the wider gaming community. Even if a final release is still some way off. The Australian Indie Showcase is a great opportunity for us to change that for 2014.

The tricky bit is that I have to run off overseas to the US in a mere two weeks time, and the submission deadline is inconveniently the day before I fly back to Sydney.

So that means we have a brutally condensed timeline and are all working our fucking asses off right now. And therefore no – we're certainly not posting anywhere near as much as we should be.

Anyway, be assured that we'll resurface soon. And what's more we'll be starting to offer early access to the PAX demo to a select few individuals.


Well – make sure you're keeping your eyes on the blog and following us on Twitter to find out more!

Before I wrap up, I must say a massive thanks to the team – Shawn, CJ, Nam, Addison, Jenna and Tugsuu – for all their very hard work! Not to mention the others who have contributed their skills previously.

With a bit of luck (and very little sleep), we'll be seeing you at PAX in October.

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