Hello 2015

Written by Sándor Moldán, Creative Lead.

So, it’s 2015 already and we’ve been super busy ever since our appearance at PAX Australia late last year, where PAX attendees were given their first ever chance to play Dawn Of The Tyrant.

We have launched a brand new website, resplendent with our talented team’s amazing concept art here: dawnofthetyrant.com

Plus, you may have already seen that the game now has a Concept page on Steam, which will soon be upgraded to a Greenlight page. If you haven’t already checked it out and given us a ‘yes’ vote, you can see it here: Dawn Of The Tyrant on Steam

When talking to gamers at PAX Australia, we did admittedly overpromise slightly on exactly when the beta would be up on Steam Early Access. We talked about weeks, when really we needed a bit longer than that. So, we’re sorry for that! But as you can probably guess, the culprit is nothing more or less than our desire to put a great game into your hands.

We have been far from idle in the time since, and so here’s a bit of a snapshot of what’s been done, what’s still in the pipeline and what new and improved things you can expect when the beta comes to Steam Early Access very soon.

We’ve taken your feedback on board.

Talking to gamers and watching them play through our demo at PAX was an invaluable experience for us. We’ve made a number of tweaks to the UI, control setup and game preference options to optimise the playing experience and better cater for more play styles.

Powerful new abilities.

We’ve answered one of the biggest questions we repeatedly get asked – yes, you can fly! The Fly special ability has been implemented for the Lánaraï and the flightless Kheïtanni have evened the odds with their sinister Void Form cloaking ability.

We’re also expanding the number of available abilities for both races, including unlockable Path abilities.

Challenging new enemies to fight.

The beta region will become even more deadly as a ghastly host of new demonic creatures take to the field. The vile hordes of Horrors will soon be bolstered by the Abhorrarchs, who weild a deadly array of ranged attacks. Our favourite of these is the Soulspew Abhorrarch – which devours its prey and later regurgitates their souls as deadly bolts of Void energy.

Looming above the ranks of the foul spawn of the Void are gargantuan hulks of mightly Ghorghants, who lead the demonic legions to war against life itself.

Last but not least are the mysterious Wight Wyrms. Once great and proud beasts who have long since fallen to the ravages of time. Their dessicated flesh and bones now risen from the deepest places of the earth by the will of the Tyrant-God to crush the life out of the world with their powerful coils.

Below: Ghorghant Concept Sketch The Ghorghant

When you least expect them.

The new Encounters system means that few places in the world are ever truly safe and out of harm’s way. Bitter enemies spring from ambush and voidspawned demons could be lurking in every shadow. But no warrior worth their salt would back away from the opportunity to advance the cause of their faction – as we'll be tying Encounters in with the World Quest social mechanic.

In a world of growing darkness.

Also in the pipeline are a number of new 3D models which will provide a substantial upgrade to outpost buildings and structures for both races, as well as some improvements all across the beta region, plus new environmental special effects that bring to life the sinister powers of the Void.

Stay tuned for more updates and further news on the Early Access release.

Discover more: dawnofthetyrant.com

Vote Yes!: Dawn Of The Tyrant on Steam

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