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Written by CJ Hurtt, Writer/Content Planner.

One of the great advantages of releasing Dawn of the Tyrant episodically is the variation of mission types that we can have. Each episode of the game can be a stand-alone piece, part of a larger story, or a hybrid of the two. We have the ability to present the story in a dynamic and far more interesting way than if the game were set in stone and released all at once.

We can change direction based on your feedback, just in the same way as we will be changing direction based on the in-game decisions that you make when you play. You as a player will have more options and we, as developers, will have more narrative toys to play with.

That's some win-win there!

So, what I'm getting at here is that the doors are open a bit on what we can do. Kill ten rats? Uh, sure. We can do that if you want. Or a more involved story mission that may require some serious puzzle-solving skills and intimate knowledge of lore (Gulp! Reading dialogue! Say whaaa...?), we can do that too. We will, actually.

We're really proud to be soon bringing you the game that has been living in our heads for these last few years. We also want you to be a part of its creation. It's a game. It's meant to be played. It's meant to be toyed with. That's what it means to play, right?

So, let us know. What do YOU want to do? What sort of missions interest you the most? What kind of game elements get you all fired up? Speak up and be rewarded!

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